From shopping and transport to organization and storage, planetbag™ has so many household uses

Planetbag goes from being a heavy-duty and eco-friendly reusable shopping bag to an instant storage container for food, supplies, and other household items in your pantry, closet or cupboard. Since it has integrated, not sewn-on, handles and is easy to wash and keep clean, Planetbag is also a sturdier and healthier reusable grocery bag solution – one that will last for hundreds of uses without breaking or gathering harmful bacteria like most other reused bags and food containers.

You simply can’t beat the massive capacity, strength, and visibility that Planetbag provides for organizing and storing everything from small to large loads – in your kitchen, garage, shed, closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, play areas and elsewhere around the home. With its ‘net-style’ design Planetbag allows you to easily see what’s held inside, making it convenient for quickly locating and retrieving items.

A High-Performance Organizing, Storage and ‘All-Around’ Household Solution

Laundry Bag — hang anywhere, holds a ton, transports easily, goes right in the wash with the clothes
Organization & Storage — separate and reveal toys, tools, sports equipment, balls, pet supplies – you name it!
Pantry & Cupboards — organize and hang items in plain sight: produce, packaged goods, snacks, bottles, paper products, etc.
Closets — get things off the floor and onto hooks; works great over coat hangers and on rods
Garage & Shed — get even more stuff – big and small – off the floor and hanging where you can easily identify and reach it
Bathrooms — ideal for toiletries, bath supplies, baby toys – on hooks, in closets, behind doors, on the shower head


planetbag™ is an ideal organization and storage solution for every room — one that allows you to see what’s inside!


planetbag™ provides an ideal way to organize, store and identify both dry and wet items


planetbag™ is an optimal and handy transport solution

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3011, 2015

Only Eco-friendly materials

November 30th, 2015|0 Comments

PLANETBAGs are made with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester (rPET) fibers from plastic bottles and containers!