A veritable plethora of sizes, styles, materials, patterns, colors and combinations.

Planetbag™ is a line of unique and innovative bags — high performance, multi-purpose and eco-friendly ‘net style’ carryalls, totes and shopping|storage|gear bags — that are super strong, compact yet expansive, durable, easy-to-wash, quick to air dry, and made with recycled polyester (rPET) and natural fiber materials. Planetbag provides a multitude of daily uses around the home and for work, school, sports, outdoor, beach/water, travel, shopping, and leisure.

Co-designed in the U.S., Planetbag was created in Bohemia (Czech Republic) where the traditional European ‘web sac’ (or ‘string bag’) was fashioned and popularized over generations. The patented, modernized Planetbag design features integrated and reinforced handles and seams, without sewn-on or assembled components (common ‘failure points’ for other bags). This inventive engineering combined with state-of-the-art construction that employs proprietary, high-tech weaving of thousands of sturdy fibers in each PlanetBag — results in its amazing capabilities.

Super light, fits in your pocket, stylish to carry or wear — yet it handles the load:

Planetbag expands to hold 200+ lbs. and 10+ gallons (!), and still returns its shape and size.

It’s simply incredible.

There’s a Wide Variety of planetbags™ for Every Individual Style and Purpose.

Planetbag™ offers a diverse, flexible and customizable product line that provides great utility, unparalleled performance, and value-based pricing. Planetbags come in multiple fiber thicknesses and strength options and a plethora of color arrays, patterns, designs, and combinations — as well as different styles and sizes, including:


carryall | tote    shopping | storage bag


50% more length than ‘Everyday’


    our extra large      ‘gear’ bag


sling | across-the-body – in Small + Regular


in two sizes: Small + Regular

There’s Value Built-in to Every planetbag™.

In addition to its patented design, proprietary mega-weaved construction and uniquely integrated and reinforced handles and seams, Planetbag offers other inherent value and ‘game-changing’ enhancements.

This includes use of 100% recycled polyester and other soft, eco-friendly natural materials like Tencel®, a sustainable, low impact botanical fiber made from easy-to-grow and process eucalyptus. Post-consumer recycled polyester (rPET) is made of used plastic bottles — meaning that with Planetbag you are helping reduce the petroleum demand required of virgin polyester and also diverting plastic products from landfills, where they may take thousands of years to (harmfully) decompose. Further, with Planetbags used in place of plastic grocery and shopping bags, multiple levels of plastic consumption are reduced, and the many associated environmental risks and costs to our communities are being conscientiously addressed. Awesome!

Improving upon our original designs, Planetbag now offers a simple, but clever, drawstring that, like the handles, is built-in to the bag (so it can’t be pulled out or lost) and which includes a heavy duty ‘cord lock’, or drawstring clasp. The drawstring slips over the handles and the cord lock closes the bag, securing the contents inside. Easy!


planetbag™ is simply good for you, good for your community, and good for the planet!


A simple — yet extraordinary — solution for myriad home, shopping, travel, work, play and lifestyle uses!

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PLANETBAGs are made with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester (rPET) fibers from plastic bottles and containers!