It’s pretty cool to see classic or common things get a modern update and a performance boost. When ‘form’ is, for the most part, maintained and yet ‘function’ evolves through advanced technology. Like a stylin’ old car that gets re-built with state-of-the-art gear, it becomes a high-performance throw-back. Sweet.

For many generations and well ahead of current eco-trends, women and men throughout Europe, Asia and beyond had ‘string bags’ they used daily to carry groceries and supplies, especially in the absence of a car. Also called ‘net bags’ and ‘web sacs’, the weaved cotton or hemp construction provided strength with less material use, in a compact size for easy carrying and convenient use.
Fast forward from this string bag design and performance that, while classic and functional, hasn’t changed much in 100 years. Take these inherent net style values and apply modern textile engineering and construction with more eco-friendly fibers and other materials, to produce performance and utility that is … off the charts.

That’s what PLANETBAG™ has done in creating the string bag “on steroids”. A new and vastly improved ‘web sac’ made of 100% recycled plastic — one that takes our unique, patented design and proprietary weaving of over 2,000 fiber strands to employ integrated handles, seams and a drawstring in each bag. PLANETBAG does what other bags simply can’t come close to delivering: it holds over 200 pounds, expands massively and returns to shape, provides visible contents, allows dirt, sand, moisture and odors to escape, goes in the washing machine and quickly air dries … for hundreds of clean and easy re-uses. Smart, functional net-style design got a lot smarter and the result is a high-tech beast of a bag. Classic evolution.

PLANETBAG’s super-strong net style omits the assembled components, especially sewn-in handles, which are the common failure points of other bags. With an optional pouch, small items, cell phones and keys can securely accompany other larger items in a single PLANETBAG, which can be closed using the built-in drawstring and cord lock (also made of recycled plastic/rPET). Options ranging from the popular Everyday tote and carryall to Large and XXL versions and Over-the-Shoulder and Backpack bags, the entire PLANETBAG line delivers net-style value for items of all shapes and sizes, anytime, and in all types of circumstances.

Functionally, “multipurpose” only begins to describe PLANETBAG but perhaps no other term is more applicable. A day in the life of a PLANETBAG could go something like this: stuffed in pants pocket or purse; toted lunch, laptop and book to work; took yoga mat, sneakers, snacks and clothes to/from the gym; used at the market for groceries going from cart to car to storage in kitchen pantry; carried toys, drinks and wet towels at the beach; loaded sports bottles and gear for the ball team; toted carry-out food and wine home for dinner; brought an arm-load of firewood and a 5 gallon bottle into the house (“chop wood, carry water”); organized and visibly stored closet and garage items; hauled laundry, and went in the wash, then air dried in minutes. Clean and ready to do more!

PLANETBAG’s super strong, multipurpose and eco-friendly net style combines innovative form and function in an endless array of colors, patterns, sizes and configurations – a fun, fashionable solution that is good for you, good for your community, and good for the planet — a ‘net-net’ win!