If you do any traveling you know how it can go smoothly or not-so-much. The quality of one’s personal experience can hinge on attitude and adaptability. I also find that the better I treat my travels and destinations the better they reciprocate and take care of me. “Leave a place better than you found it.” Because of my travels I’m more empathetic to the many tourists where I live and likely to offer tips and tools to enhance their visit and adventures.

A well-prepared traveler is a genius thing to behold and a good example to follow. Certain travel items can make a significant difference. The rule is quality over quantity: sturdy luggage, light and compact gear, neck pillow, quality media and headphones, etc. A little preparation and useful tools help the journey and mood upon arrival, setting a fundamental tone for the trip, adventure, business, work, game, play or whatever.

The Smart Traveler is a conscientious and evolved traveler who seeks to positively, or at least minimally, impact other people and places on their route and at their host destinations. Sustainable travel practices and eco-tourism are not trends but necessities when considering other people and places in balance with the Smart Traveler’s mission.

This is especially true in and when visiting less developed regions. Notably, single-use plastic bags (SUPB) are the leading contributor to urban flooding here due to storm drain blockage. Countless marine wildlife and birds are harmed or die throughout the world from ingesting the bags, which litter the ocean, beaches, forests, farms, towns and neighborhoods.

PLANETBAG is ideal for the travel, adventure, resorts and the hospitality experience. You don’t have to be immersed with locals to appreciate its convenience or utility. At the five-star resort or quaint spa, PLANETBAG is there to carry your stuff to the pool, sauna, steam room, mud bed, massage room and gym – instantly converting when needed to other uses like laundry bag, closet storage, shopping tote, etc.

For cruise ship travel PLANETBAG really excels. It has countless onboard uses and is an optimal solution when disembarking and shopping, the beach and other adventuring on-shore. Conveniently in your pocket or purse, PLANETBAG helps you pack out what you pack in, reduce local retailer plastic bag use, waste and impact on fragile environments (islands, coasts, beaches, reefs, rainforests, etc.).

Whether at a resort, spa or retreat, and throughout a cruise ship voyage or other excursions, PLANETBAG is a handy, versatile and durable solution that you can use both en route and at your destination — in the room, closets, bathroom/shower, for laundry, to carry towels and items for the beach, pool, yoga or gym, adventuring, shopping, snorkeling/scuba, fishing, hiking, biking, exploring … and for many things in between and along the way!