PLANETBAG is extremely well constructed, strong, easily washable and durable – making it reusable over and over. With normal use, PLANETBAG is very long-lasting and should handle your toughest loads for years to come. Many of its unique and patent-pending design and construction features make it even more optimal (than other reusable bags) in replacing ‘single-use’ bags. For example:

  • PLANETBAG holds more weight and has more capacity – so fewer bags get the job done.
  • PLANETBAG is compact and convenient. It’s more easily stored, carried and accessible … and will thus get used more often!
  • PLANETBAG is durable and lasts – so you will consume fewer reusable bags in the long run.
  • In the spirit of ‘reusability’, PLANETBAG does not emphasize over-the-top bag branding as with many of the free or cheap reusable bags offered at major grocery and retail stores – so consumers feel more comfortable using PLANETBAG again and again at any store — anywhere, anytime.
  • Quality (over ‘quantity’) matters when it comes to reusable bags and reducing overall consumption. A smaller number of higher performing, high-quality, convenient and stylish bags — like PLANETBAG! – which consumers really like … will get used more often!
  • Each reusable PLANETBAG can eliminate hundreds (if not thousands) of single-use plastic or paper bags. Not to mention dozens of cheaper, less functional or less durable reusable bags.