The history of the traditional European ‘web sac’, or net-style bag, began at the end of the 19th century in Eastern Bohemia of the Czech Republic (formerly, Czechoslovakia) by Vavřín Křcíl and his family’s modest weaving business. By the 1920’s the web sac had evolved and become very popular across the region, and further throughout Czechoslovakia and to neighboring countries. The product was inexpensive, as well as light and compact for easy storage, with different variations such as shopping bags, ‘reticules’, carryalls/totes, and many other uses as fashion and sports accessories. The Czechoslovakian web sac was a hit and was exported throughout Europe, Canada and French colonies until the late 1930s. World War II interrupted the business, however, production continued until 1948 – when Vavřín Křcíl’s factory was nationalized by the new Communist regime. The web sac production then tapered off and faded into obscurity until the net-style bag concept was revived and updated for the 21st century by Czech innovators and expert textile engineers with a new and expanded vision for PLANETBAGs in the world!