PlanetBag offers a new twist on an old favorite for kids and adults of all ages—The Backpack!

With the value, style, strength and other benefits of every PlanetBag, the Backpack is a very compact and lightweight option that is easy to wear and holds tons of stuff. It’s an optimal choice on its own and a perfect complement to the Everyday, Over-The-Shoulder and Large — to complete your quiver of functional and fashion-forward PlanetBags!

Design and Specifications

Slightly smaller in capacity than the Everyday PlanetBag and with medium length shoulder straps (rather than shorter ‘handles’), the Backpack PlanetBag expands significantly to hold lots of stuff – including books, shoes, clothes, sports balls, food and drinks, and other stuff … for people on-the-go! The Backpack PlanetBag currently comes in one size of approximately 22” in length (empty and unexpanded) – one style for adults, youth and children of all sizes which can expand and contract as the person or load requires. (See our FAQ’s re: “How to expand the size of PlanetBag”.)

Like all SPIDER BAGs, the Backpack’s innovative, patent-pending design and proprietary mega-weaved construction of surprisingly soft polyester fibers makes it incredibly strong, flexible and durable, yet also very light, compact and easy to clean and dry. The unique net-style PlanetBag construction of different size mesh helps hold even smaller items yet provides expansion to also hold large and heavy objects.

The Backpack PlanetBag’s medium length straps give you the option of ‘hands free’ use for easy carrying and optimal transport over both shoulders or, optionally, either slung over one shoulder or even carried by hand. The Backpack is a really simple, lightweight, functional and stylish backpack/bag version of the one-and-only original PlanetBag™, and is a fun and popular carryall choice regardless of which way you choose to wear it!

Youth & Adult

Great for school, sports, the beach, travel, ‘sleepovers’ and lots of other youth activities – the Backpack PlanetBag stores easily in pockets and yet expands in use to hold more than any kid probably wants to carry. (But it’s good to know the option is there!) PlanetBag’s Backpack won’t eat up space or weigh you down — unless you want it to — what a concept!

For adults, the Backpack PlanetBag is a unique, easy and fashionable ‘carryall’ option that can provide a perfect solution for transporting snacks, drinks, clothes, sports and outdoor gear, and other items – especially while running, hiking, biking, shopping, sightseeing, traveling, or just cruising and looking great!

High Value & Utility

While unique enough that it needs no comparison, the Backpack PlanetBag is an affordable, well-made and long lasting option to more cumbersome and expensive backpacks — and sometimes a backpack style bag is simply the optimal choice to free up both hands and re-distribute the load.

Like other PlanetBags, the Backpack also provides an excellent solution for toting personal items into stadiums, arenas, parks and public events where security is of concern and most types of bags and backpacks are now restricted or banned. With the see-through net-style design and construction of every PlanetBag, the Backpack provides an ideal solution that has proven itself to be valued and highly accepted by the security staff at many events and locations.

Whether you want to, or you need to, sometimes it’s just better to show off what you’re carrying! The Backpack PlanetBag gives you that option along with all the amazing performance, value and utility of the entire line of PlanetBags!