The Everyday PlanetBag is the optimal shopping / storage bag, carryall and tote for many uses, occasions and reasons! The Everyday PlanetBag is the standard for the entire line of PlanetBags, with the ultimate high tech net-style design and unparalleled sturdy construction that sets the bar for strength, capacity, utility, durability, convenience and ease-of-use among reusable shopping bags, storage bags, carryalls and totes.

Available in both the “Super” (2 fiber) and “Ultra” (3 fiber), and in a wide variety of almost limitless colors, styles and combinations, the Everyday PlanetBag can meet practically any need and match any desired look … for anybody!

High Tech Design & Construction

The Everyday PlanetBag is engineered using proprietary, patent-pending design and construction with multiple polyester fibers that are mega-weaved into a single unit with integrated handles and reinforced seams, and without the sewn-on or assembled parts (which are the most common failure-points of other reusable shopping/storage bags, carryalls and totes). This means that the Everyday PlanetBag provides much greater strength, flexibility/expansion, and endurance than other bags. When it comes to carrying your groceries, shopping items or other loads, nothing compares with the abilities of the Everyday PlanetBag.

Healthy & Eco-friendly

Further, because of its compactness and easy machine or hand washing and drying capabilities  –  the Everyday PlanetBag is easier both to store and retrieve, and to keep clean – which means your Everyday PlanetBag actually gets used more and is healthier for you and your family! In the spirit of ‘reusability’ and eco-friendliness, not to mention simple practicality, the Everyday PlanetBag delivers much greater value than amassing many cheap/free, branded or low performance reusable bags that don’t get used often, quickly break, or which collect dirt, residue and potentially harmful bacteria from groceries, food, liquids, and other organic material.

Super Strong & Useful

The Everyday PlanetBag excels as a grocery and shopping bag and more, as it has amazing usefulness in many ways throughout your day – at home, work, school, sports and events, in the car and other vehicles, outdoors at the beach, mountains, lakes and waterways, boating, camping, and for storage practically anyplace. Certainly as a compact and convenient option that fits in pockets, purses, compartments and other luggage/packs as an immediate solution for extra belongings, laundry, shopping purchases, and more – the Everyday PlanetBag can be the one reusable bag you come to rely on in most all situations! With a capacity of 10 gallons and an ability to hold well over 200 lbs., we like to think that the Everyday PlanetBag can carry and hold way more than you would ever want to!

A Security Solution

And most recently, the Everyday PlanetBag is proving to be an ideal solution for carrying personal items and beverages/food into public events, sports stadiums and arenas, amusement and water parks, resorts, on cruises, at concerts, and similar venues – where security is of utmost concern and great restrictions and bans are now in place on the use of closed backpacks, carryalls, purses, totes and other bags. With the see-through net-style design and construction of the Everyday PlanetBag, it provides an ideal solution that has proven itself to be valued and highly accepted by the security staff at many events and locations.

The Perfect Complement

The Everyday PlanetBag is a fantastic complement to other PlanetBags, creating a stylish and/or matching ensemble with the Over-the-Shoulder PlanetBag, the Backpack PlanetBag and the Large PlanetBag to take on shopping sprees and jaunts around town. Or with the Large and XXL PlanetBags, the Everyday PlanetBag is the optimal solution for collecting and managing team sports equipment, balls and other gear, or just tidying up a closet or garage!

So whether it is your daily ‘go-to’ bag for groceries, shopping, organizing, storage and whatever else may come up — the Everyday PlanetBag sets the standard as a perfect solution at-the-ready to tackle the job and handle the load.