The Large PlanetBag is high utility and heavy duty – big on form and function – yet still compact when empty (small enough to fit in pockets and purses). It’s a perfect solution in between the Everyday and XXL sized PlanetBags. The Large is a big brother in the PlanetBag family – the supportive and practical, yet understated sibling (not the more massive and all-consuming XXL one)! It’s easy to love the Large just a little bit more, even though we love them all equally!

Design and Specifications

Of similar design but a full 50% larger than the Everyday, the Large PlanetBag is approximately 30” in length (empty and unexpanded) and has medium length ‘handles’ – slightly longer than the Everyday to support the extra size and capacity. While it’s designed primarily for hand-held use, the Large PlanetBag’s handles provide optional carrying over the shoulder, especially by children or smaller adults. The Large PlanetBag combines multiple weaves of different size mesh – small mesh at the bottom and medium mesh in the middle and top – to both contain smaller items and still expand perfectly for extra gear or especially long or large items like yoga mats, baseball bats, cat-in-the-hat hats, ‘this and thats’, … well, you get the idea.

Like all PlanetBags, the Large’s innovative, patent-pending design and proprietary mega-weaved construction of polyester fibers makes it incredibly strong, flexible and durable, yet also very light, compact and easy to clean and dry. The unique net-style PlanetBag construction helps you to see what’s inside – which comes in handy for quickly identifying and/or locating important items, and getting what you need as soon as possible!

Not Too Big, Not Too Small … Just Right

The Large PlanetBag’s additional length and capacity make it great for extra weight, longer items, and lots of gear, yet at a size which is still within the range that a child or small person can comfortably carry it, even well-loaded! While parents, coaches and other adults may seek to really max out storage or carrying capacity and thus opt for the even larger XXL, the Large PlanetBag may be a better choice for kids to use (for example, in their eagerness to help haul team gear, group equipment, family supplies, and such J).

Whether hauling small or large loads of toys, games, sports balls, clothes and laundry, or other stuff, the Large PlanetBag is a rugged yet stylish carryall that is easy to handle, keep clean, and store when empty. It’s a perfect larger companion to the Everyday, Backpack and Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBags on shopping, adventure, and other excursions, and for both day-trips and long range travel. While not quite as space-consuming as the beefy XXL PlanetBag, it’s also ideal for organizing and storing stuff in closets, pantries, vehicles, boats and RV’s, and in the attic, basement, playroom and garage.

On the rare occasion when the Everyday PlanetBag isn’t quite enough, or when the XXL is just a bit too much, the Large will likely handle the load!