The Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBag is a smart, fashionable, hands-free carryall bag — a functional and stylish choice on its own, and also an ideal complement to other PlanetBags. Especially when you need a free hand (or two), the Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBag is an ideal choice!

Design and Specifications

Slightly smaller in capacity than the Everyday PlanetBag and with long shoulder straps (rather than shorter ‘handles’), the Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBag also expands significantly and holds a substantial amount of stuff. The Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBag comes in both Regular and Short sizes of approximately 29” and 26” in length (empty and unexpanded), which provides great options for adults, youth and children of all sizes. Like all PlanetBags, the Over-The-Shoulder incorporates the innovative, patent-pending design and proprietary mega-weaved construction of surprisingly soft polyester fibers – making it incredible strong, flexible and durable, yet also very light, compact and easy to wash, clean and dry.

The net-style construction of different size mesh helps hold even smaller items yet provides expansion to hold large and heavy objects as well. The Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBag’s option of ‘hands free’ use allows for easy carrying and optimal transport as slung across the shoulder or, further, over the shoulder and head, and across the chest and back. The Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBag is a unique and stylish shoulder bag and carryall regardless of what or how much you choose to fill it with, or whatever way you choose to wear it!

Smart & Stylish Complement

A light, comfortable and low-maintenance ‘carryall’ bag, the Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBag is perfect to use on strolls around town, cruising across campus, hiking on trails, walking on the beach, at sporting, concert and other public events, and really anywhere that requires a solid, adaptable, functional and fashionable bag that frees your hands up for other things — while also enhancing your look!

Like the Everyday and other PlanetBags, the Over-The-Shoulder is also machine washable and very compact — so it is easier to store and retrieve, more convenient, and easier to keep clean. Thus the Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBag may get used more often and provide a healthier bag choice for groceries, food and drinks. Just put one in your pocket or purse and you have an instant solution for those extra belongings or spontaneously purchased items — without the burden of carrying a bag in your hand. (If you don’t mind carrying a bag in your hand or you are a high quantity impulse shopper, just add a compact Everyday PlanetBag in another pocket or also in your purse – and you’ll have two convenient and stylish options!)

Whether you want a fashionable and easy shoulder-style bag on-hand (but not literally “on your hand”) to help carry belongings to-and-fro, for newly bought or accumulated items, or to tote consumable food and drinks — the Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBag provides an ideal solution that easily stores away before and after use.

The Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBag is an especially ideal complement to the Everyday, Backpack and Large PlanetBags. You can mix or match your Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBags with other PlanetBag styles and colors to create a range of hip PlanetBag carryall ensembles! What more can you ask for – convenience, ease, strength, durability … and you’ll look great using it — the Over-The-Shoulder PlanetBag!