With integrated handles, reinforced seams and expansive capacity, the durable, super strong planetbag™ excels for sports, recreation and activities in all seasons!

The entire line of Planetbags excel in carrying and storing equipment and gear for all types of sports, recreation and outdoor/adventure activities. With maximum strength, expansiveness and capacity, Planetbag is designed for hand-held, over-the-shoulder and backpack-style use.

Each bag combines multiple high tech weaves of 3 different size mesh – small mesh at the bottom, medium mesh in the middle, and large mesh at the top – to both contain smaller items and also to expand largely and widely to hold a lot of gear, sports equipment, clothes, balls, etc., and especially long or large items.

Players, coaches and parents will love Planetbag’s ability to simplify and improve gear hauling and storage — do more with less. Consolidation and large loads are easy with Planetbag’s super strength and extensive capacity. It’s patented design with integrated handles, reinforced seams and multi-fiber construction provides long lasting durability and performance.

A High-Performance Sports & Gear Solution

Better Made = Better Performance

The compact yet sizable EverydayLarge and hefty XXL ‘Gear’ Planetbags haul and hold tremendous amounts of sports equipment, balls, supplies, drinks and all sorts of other big and small stuff.

Unlike other large or extra-large sports and equipment bags, you won’t find sewn-on or attached handles that commonly fail, tear and break – leaving the bag to be pulled around by a loose strap (not a ‘handle’, anymore).

Like all Planetbags, the drawstring and the handles are built-in, weaved and integrated into the single, unified and innovative ‘net-style’ design and construction.

This patented approach provides unequaled durability and size and weight capacity — and ensures that the handles, like the rest of the Planetbag, can ‘handle’ the load.

Optimal Gear Storage

Planetbag is unrivaled for storage and organization. From the Everyday to the Large to the massive XXL, each bag has tremendous expanse and holding capability.

Planetbag’s of every style and size are super strong, easy to wash and keep clean, and can hang with full loads and without straining the handles.

And each Planetbag is net-style and see-through – so dirt, sand, moisture, and odor can fall off items and escape the bag, and so contents can be easily seen and identified.

Planetbag helps get all those toys, balls, equipment, and other stuff off the garage, playroom, attic, basement, shed or closet floor and hanging and stored where they should be ‘in plain view’!

Hold, Haul, Wash … Repeat

Planetbag is ideal for toting stuff that gets damp and filthy: hiking boots, track shoes, game cleats, sweaty workout gear, dirty uniforms, bathing suits, wetsuits – you get the point. The built-in drawstring and heavy duty cord lock will ensure that stuff stays inside while you’re running, hiking or biking. Then – once you’ve conquered the latest expedition, caught that last wave of the session, or finished the game – PlanetBag goes right in the wash with your other dirty belongings.

In each size and style, Planetbag performs with equal amazement. The Everyday Planetbag is perfect for smaller loads – think golf, tennis or baseballs – and the Shoulder and Backpack bags are unique, sturdy and stylish for carrying equipment, drinks, shoes and clothes to the next game or adventure.

Coming and going, every Planetbag is a ‘turnkey’ solution that makes storage, hauling and clean-up a breeze.


Compact and lightweight, yet strong, durable and easy to keep clean, planetbag™ gets you to the game and back with everything you need – in a style that’s sure to win.


A perfect complement to other bags, equipment and storage spaces, planetbag™ is the smart choice for bringing home the goods – especially when they’re dirty, smelly, sandy or wet!


From storage to transport to activity– and home – planetbag™ is the one solution for your entire round of play.

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Only Eco-friendly materials

November 30th, 2015|0 Comments

PLANETBAGs are made with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester (rPET) fibers from plastic bottles and containers!