The XXL ‘Gear’ PlanetBag — is the monster of the bunch: the big boy … a beast of a bag that’s ready and willing to hold, carry and store all the family, group, team, or personal items or gear that you care to load into it.

Design and Specifications

The XXL ‘Gear’ PlanetBag is approximately 40” in length (empty and unexpanded) and has medium-long length ‘handles’, slightly longer than the Large PlanetBag to support its maximum size and capacity. While it’s designed primarily for hand-held use, the XXL PlanetBag’s expanding handles also provide optional carrying over the shoulder. The XXL ‘Gear’ PlanetBag combines multiple weaves of 3 different size mesh – small mesh at the bottom, medium mesh in the middle, and large mesh at the top – to both contain smaller items and also to expand largely and widely to really hold a lot gear, sports balls, etc. and otherwise especially long or large items.

The Ultimate Gear Bag

The hefty yet compact XXL ‘Gear’ PlanetBag hauls and holds tremendous amounts of sports equipment, balls and sorts of other types of big and small stuff. Unlike other large or extra-large sports and equipment bags, you won’t find sewn-on or attached handles that commonly fail, tear and break – leaving the bag to be pulled around by a loose strap (not a ‘handle’, anymore). Like all PlanetBags, the handles of the XXL are weaved and integrated into the single, unified, high tech net-style design and construction — providing extensive capacity, enabling it to hold massive weight, and insuring that the handles, like the rest of the Bag, can ‘handle‘ the load.

Super Strong, Smart & Visible Storage

As a storage bag, the XXL PlanetBag is a true gem. It has massive capacity, is super strong, easy to wash and keep clean, hangs without straining the handles, and is net-style and see-through – so dirt and water can fall off items and escape the bag, and contents can be easily seen. The XXL ‘Gear’ PlanetBag helps get all those toys, balls, equipment, and other stuff off the garage, play room, attic or closet floor and hanging and stored where they should be — in plain view!